Regular inspection and cleaning of your home’s guttering system is an inexpensive task that can prevent expensive problems.

Alongside the warmer temperatures and spectacular colors of Spring also comes the pouring rain. Lots and lots of rain often in a short period of time.

Leaves and sticks can build up and clog downspouts rendering your gutter incapable of handling the onslaught of water. Water pouring over the gutter ends up next to the foundation or even worse, in the basement or crawl space.

First, pick a section, snap on your trusty gloves, and begin removing any large debris starting closest to the downspout and working backwards. Second, grab your hose and flush the remaining small particles starting at the opposite end of the downspout. Third, make sure the downspout strainers are cleaned and in place. These strainers prevent large debris from clogging your downspouts.

Once complete, move on to the next section and repeat until all guttering is clean and debris free.

While flushing each section, notate any leaks or loose connections. You will need to wait until the areas are dry before repairing the leaks with gutter sealant.

Completing this simple maintenance task at least twice per year helps to prevent damaging water and expensive repairs.

Disclaimer: It is not recommended that you perform this simple maintenance if you have a tendency to fall off ladders or roofs. Instead, it is recommended that you call a professional gutter cleaning service and allow them to perform this task for a small fee while you enjoy a cold beverage.

Happy Spring To All!