The most common water damage to your basement floors and walls will come from runoff water off your house, then soak into the soil, then into the basement. How can you protect yourself from that? Here are a few fixes in order to keep your basement waterproof.

To stop the flow of runoff water from your roof, you could install a gutter system in order to divert the flow of the rainwater, and change its path away from the basement and far enough out onto the ground where the water won’t affect the basement at all.

Also, by digging shallow ditches and funneling them out away from the house, all the water can be diverted away from the house, and therefore not only protect your basement but your entire house. These are just a few simple things you can do in order to waterproof your basement and your house.

So in conclusion, waterproofing your basement is completely necessary in order to protect the rest of your house as well.