Admit it, by the time you are ready to sign a contract for the purchase of a new home, you have already become emotionally invested in the outcome. There is an attachment to the property or you would never have gotten this far in the process. It is very easy to overlook small noticeable flaws in the home and commit to fixing them yourself. What if the flaws were not small? What if they could cost you thousands of dollars to repair? What if they mad the actual structure unsafe and there was no simple fix? These reasons are what make the pre-purchase home inspection so important.

A home is one of the most expensive purchases one will ever make. You work hard for your money and it needs to be protected. It is important for a licensed home inspector to thoroughly evaluate the condition of the property to avoid costly surprises.

A home inspection generally consists of a licensed inspector evaluating the condition of the major components of the structure. These include the exterior, roof, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, interior, insulation, and ventilation. Depending on the square footage of a home, a new roof could cost anywhere from 6-10 thousand dollars. New wiring in a home is anywhere from 8-15 thousand dollars. Plumbing is currently ranging from 8-10 thousand dollars. Average cost to repair foundation issues depending on the severity is $5838. Add them all together and that is a lot of dollars!

After the inspection, the home inspector will provide you with a report on his or her findings. This report will suggest any improvements or repairs recommended to bring the home up to current standards. Titan Home Inspections definitely recommends that you attend your inspection or at least be there for a summary walk through after it is completed. This way, your inspector can point out the major things that he will be notated in his report. A visual picture will help you understand what you are reading and not become too overwhelmed.

Finding these issues does not necessarily mean that you have to walk away from the home you have fallen in love with. It just gives you all of the tools to make an informed decision. Knowing the average cost of repairs gives you additional leverage when negotiating the price of the home. Maybe you can include a clause that asks the seller to repair the defects prior to closing or maybe you will just decide to walk away if the issues are just too great. If the seller agrees to repair the issues, Titan Home Inspections will be happy to come back out and look it over.

Whatever you decide, we wish you the best! Titan Home Inspections is always here to serve you. Happy House Hunting!


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