Did you know that most bulldogs cannot swim? Yes, apparently they are a little top-heavy. Combine that with those short little legs and they will quickly sink to the bottom of the pool if not watched closely.

This was the last thing we thought of when he became part of the family. The bad thing is, we have to watch him because he really thinks he can swim! Throw an active toddler into the mix and now pool ownership takes on a whole new light.

Although swimming pools can offer endless entertainment and family fun, there are also some scary statistics to be aware of. According to the CDC, drowning is the number one cause of death in children ages 1-4 and the number two cause in ages 5-9. A child can slip into the pool without a splash and lose consciousness in less than two minutes underwater.

Illinois law requires most pools to have at least a 42 inch enclosed protective barrier. Although that can offer some protection for kids and pets, a determined child could find a way in.

We researched some additional protective measures that can really help with peace of mind when used in addition to fencing or other alarms.

Threshold alarms attach to the gates, doors, and windows that lead to the swimming pool. They will sound a loud alarm within 7-10 seconds of being opened.

Surface water sensors typically float on the water and sound an alarm when water movement is detected.

Sub-Surface alarms usually have sensors placed underneath the water that detect objects that weigh 15-18 lbs or more entering the pool.

Finally, wrist alarms attach to a child’s wrist like a watch and sound the alarm when submerged.

Almost all of these systems are adjustable for sensitivity so that you do not receive an alarm every time the wind blows.

Even if there are no children or pets living in the home 11% of drownings were actually in a neighbor’s pool. No system is foolproof so the safest bet is to layer up multiple alarms to serve as backups to each other. You can never have too much protection in place when it comes to children or pets.

Research, check out the ratings and get what works best for you situation because Titan says “secure your pool”!

Enjoy the beautiful weather!